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Contoh Bab V Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Using Rehearsal Strategy In Teaching Students Vocabulary

Learning strategies are specific action taken by the learner to make learning process easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self- directed, more effective, and more to new situations Rehearsal Strategies is a strategy that uses to repeated practice of information that have learned. When the students presented with specific information by repeated it over and over.

Contoh Bab V Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Using Rehearsal Strategy In Teaching Students Vocabulary

The implementation of rehearsal strategy in teaching vocabulary could improve students’ vocabulary mastery. It could help the students not only in the vocabulary mastery process abut also the result of students’ scores. Based on the result in chapter four shows that the mean score in Experimental Group is 19 and mean score in Control Group is 11. It means that the mean score of the students who were taught with rehearsal strategy is bigger than the students who were not taught with rehearsal strategy.

Second step, standard deviation formula is used. The score of standard deviation in the EG is 3363 and CG is 698. The last step, t- score formula was used to know whether there is significant different or not between students who were taught with and without rehearsal strategy, and the result of t- score formula of post- test is 4, 4.  t- Distribution table was used to see whether t- count is bigger or normaler than t- table. In this case, the level of significant is set to 0.05 and 0.01 for one tail test.

Statistically, the t- count is higher (4,4) than t- table (1.66) at the level of significant 0.05 and (1,99) at the level significant 0.01. It means that there is significant different between the students who were taught with rehearsal strategy. So, it can be summarized that the students who were  taught with rehearsal strategy gives better results than the students were not.

Dealing with the strengths of Rehearsal strategy above, the researcher provided some suggestions for the teacher and next researcher as follow.

For the Teacher
Rehearsal strategy was a good strategy to teach vocabulary mastery to the students but the teacher who wants to teach vocabulary mastery using rehearsal has to consider the time allotment to teach and the level of the students that they teach. The teacher has to tell the students the important thing of their vocabulary mastery. For elementary school teachers, they have to consider that vocabulary mastery is the basic material to the students. Elementary school students learn vocabulary words first then they make the words into sentences.

For the Next Researcher
Rehearsal strategy was very effective to teach vocabulary mastery to the students. Finally, further research is needed in the same field of study in different levels of education and areas with various types of students. The future research will enrich our understanding of using Rehearsal strategy in vocabulary mastery and how it can be applied in both teacher and students in teaching learning process. It would be better for the next researcher to apply Rehearsal to improve the other’s skills in English.

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